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Will & The Dirties

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Will & the dirties is a hard rock / glam rock from girona composed for 3 boys ready to rock every stage. william: vocals/guitar] roger: bass/back vocals] aleix: drums/back v...
Will & The Dirties
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Will & The Dirties is a Hard Rock / Glam Rock from Girona composed for 3 boys ready to rock every stage.

William: Vocals/Guitar] Roger: Bass/Back Vocals] Aleix: Drums/Back Vocals]

After 2 long years composing and playing around Europe, they just have released their first studio album called “OUTBREAK” (Maldito Records, 2019), available now on all digital platforms.

You can listen on the album more than Hard Rock, some jazz and blues solos, symphonic rock ballad, acoustic songs, rock with brass and much more.

Will & The Dirties is Glamour, Show and Rock n’ Roll on the stage!